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Swimming lessons for kids—Greater Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON

We've taught thousands of kids how to swim. Your child can be next!

Kids can enjoy our swimming lessons year-round in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond (NEW this year) British Columbia. We are also excited to hopefully offer swim lessons this Fall in Toronto, Ontario.

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Swim Schedule

COMING IN 2020 — Swimming lessons West Vancouver

Get swimming at Park Royal mall in West Vancouver!

We are opening a BRAND NEW state-of-the-art pool that is custom-designed to teach young children in 2020. Kids who are at least four months old can start splashing around in our classes. And you can enjoy shopping while your kids have fun swimming!

Email us at to stay updated with the pool.

What makes our swimming lessons for kids stand out?

Our swim classes feature:


Fun and dynamic swimming lessons for toddlers that develop life skills.


Safe and engaging lessons that build kids' self-assurance and determination.


Educational lessons that teach your kids the skills to swim on their own.

NEW! Swimming lessons Richmond

Pedalheads Swim is opening at our first location in Richmond at The River Club next to Ironwood Plaza! Stay tuned for the start of our first lessons.


NEW! Swimming lessons Toronto

We are launching our Pedalheads Swim program at Bishop Strachan School in Forest Hill, Toronto! Kids will enjoy developing their swim skills in our warm water pool. Stay tuned for the start of our first lessons.

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Swimming lessons Vancouver

There are many opportunities for advancement as kids grow and develop their swim skills at Arbutus Shopping Centre, Stan Stronge Pool, and Jericho Hill Centre. Many of them take lessons into their teens and become swim instructors themselves! Other people have taken our courses to become a lifeguard.

Bike/Swim Combo Camp Schedules:

1) Arbutus Shopping Centre/Prince of Wales: March Break schedule and summer schedule.

2) Jericho Hill Centre: March Break schedule and summer schedule.

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Swimming lessons Burnaby

Our experienced staff run one-hour classes to allow kids to have more practice and quality time in a fun, safe environment. With our small class sizes, our awesome instructors can get to know the children really well, identify areas for improvement, and cater to individual needs.

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Our incredible swim instructors know the strokes

We developed a training program based on over 30 years of experience that provides our instructors with terrific tools to teach your kids to be safe in and around water.

"Being a swim instructor is undoubtedly the best job I've ever had! It's rewarding teaching kids how to swim. But most importantly, it's seeing the kids find their passion for swimming that makes it so worth it. There's an incredible support staff of passionate and experienced swim instructors! Working at Pedalheads Swim rocks!!!"

— Johnson Chen, Swim Lesson Supervisor

Red Cross swim lessons for every skill level.

From learning to put their faces in the water to preparing for lifeguard training, we teach Red Cross swim classes for any age and skill level.


Combo Camp

Two camps mean double the fun. Build on your child's skills with our Bike+Swim combo camp!

  • Bike + Swim

    Only offered in Vancouver, this combo combines a half-day bike camp with a two-hour swim camp
    ― a combination that is a must-do for any kid's summer.


Rebranding Atlantis programs

Many people have known about our swim classes for kids as "Atlantis programs" since the 1980s! But as we added programs in more locations, it was hard for people to keep track of all the fun things we were doing. That's why in 2018, Atlantis programs changed to Pedalheads Swim.

FAQ about our swimming lessons for kids

Do you have updates around the Covid-19 situation?
Please visit our Covid-19 updates page for the latest information as it pertains to Pedalheads.
1) What do I need to bring?
2) What age can I register and how long are your swimming lessons?
3) What if I put my child in the wrong swim level?

We run our programs with split classes, so we’re often able to accommodate one level change. To ensure the best experience for all children, we don’t overbook classes. That said, we’ll do our best to switch your child accordingly. Or if that isn’t possible, we’ll challenge your child within the group you registered them for.

4) Where are you located?

Pedalheads Swim runs swim classes in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, British Columbia as well as Toronto, Ontario. In 2020, we will have a brand new pool at Park Royal mall in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Visit our Find a Camp page to discover a location near you for:

5) What if I miss a class?

You may schedule up to one make-up lesson. Due to the busy nature of our pools, make-up classes are not guaranteed and are based on availability. Please note, the make-up class must be completed within the session as they do not transfer to new sessions. Private students who would like to make up a missed class will do so in regular group classes.

To try to book a make-up class, please give our office a call at 604.874.6464 (toll free: 1.888.886.6464) during the week you're interested in booking in. We schedule make-up classes on a weekly basis to ensure all families have a fair chance of completing the make-up class.

6) What is your cancellation and change policy?

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