Our Sport and Bike/Sport Combo Camps are suspended for 2021 but will be returning in 2022.

Kickstart your child’s passion for sport.

Designed for kids ages 4-8, our summer multi-sport camp leads children through a week of action-packed activities. Throughout the week we work on gymnastics, soccer, softball, track and field, hockey, archery, basketball, racquet sports and more, capping off each week by running the kids through a series of exciting obstacle courses. It's a wild week that's sure to get your child moving throughout the summer.



Camps that inspire a love of physical activity that kids will take into their day-to-day lives.



Sports that build your children’s skills while teaching them how to work as part of a team.



Programs that give kids skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

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Our sport instructors have a passion for play.

Using the kids' imaginations and a variety of equipment, the instructors engage the kids with several skills and sport challenges. By working in a group environment, the kids can build skills and have fun with each activity.


"Working with children to develop the fundamental skills for all aspects of sports from hand eye coordination to balance and agility is an extremely rewarding job. My favorite thing to do with the kids is play large scale, rule-based games such as T-ball, soccer or kick ball. It is fantastic to see the kids begin to use the skills that are being taught during the week, as well as work with others towards a common goal. Overall, I love my job as a Pedalheads Sport Instructor and it is the best summer job I could ever have."

— Lauren, Sport Instructor

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Multi-sport levels

Two unique levels. One amazing week.

Both our multi-sport levels are based on age but have some flexibility, depending on the skills of the child.

The eight sports include: Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field, Street Hockey, Archery, Basketball, & Racquet Sports

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Combo Camps

Two camps mean double the fun. Build on your child’s skills with our Bike+Sport combo camp!

Bike + Sport

Bike + Sport

Temporarily Unavailable

We combine our popular bike and sport camps to make a memorable all-day camp that lasts the entire week. With this camp, you can also add before and after care.

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