General Policy

No matter which of our programs your child is enrolled in, their safety is our number-one priority! We’ll do everything in our power to protect all children from potential harm. We reserve the right to dismiss any child from a program that intentionally harms others, brings a weapon to the program, vandalizes property, or displays other extreme behaviors. In these instances, no refund is issued. In matters of inappropriate behavior, parents are notified verbally and/or in writing with a course of action.

All Pedalheads employees must complete a criminal record check, or, if not applicable, supply two signed professional character reference checks. All supervisors and managers must complete a criminal record check before lessons/camp begins. Potential employees are screened during their interviews, and their references contacted before they are offered employment.

Helmet Check

At Pedalheads, wearing a helmet is the most emphasized safety principle when a child rides a bike. Research shows that up to 90% of fatal bicycle crashes are the result of head trauma. Wearing a properly fitted and certified helmet will cushion and protect the head, significantly decreasing the chance of causing serious brain damage.

Over the years, we noticed that many bike riders either do not wear helmets or are wearing helmets that do not properly fit their heads.


One of the first things to look for is a safety sticker which will be found on the inside of the helmet. The sticker indicates that a helmet complies with safety standards and has been approved by such organizations as CPSC, SNELL, ASTM, or CSA.


Straps must be fastened! With the helmet on the head, the straps should form a "V" shape around the ears. Also, the straps should not be too loose or tight. There should be room for two fingers to fit between the straps and your child’s chin. This should be tested by the person wearing the helmet.


Crooked and tilted-fitting helmets are two of the most common issues we see. A helmet that is on straight will provide adequate protection to the whole head: it will cover the sides, top, back, and front of the head. There should be no more than a two-finger gap between your child’s eyebrows and the front part of the helmet.


Helmets should fit comfortably on the head without feeling too loose or too tight. With an unfastened helmet, head movement should not cause the helmet to slide around or easily fall off. The helmet size will greatly impact the fit around the head.

Thank you for taking the time to read about a very important aspect of cycling safety. We urge everyone, no matter their age or skill level, to always wear a helmet. Happy cycling!

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