Our Story

In 1986, Claudia Sjoberg started one swim program (formerly Atlantis) in one pool with just a handful of kids. She came up with innovative ways to teach skills and concepts. There was never a shortage of fun and the kids gained sports skills, confidence, and a passion to be active.

Here are some of the major milestones of the company's growth:

  • 1995: Learn-to-ride bike lessons were developed and Pedalheads Bike was born!
  • 2007: Pedalheads' trail riding program (formerly mountain bike) program was created
  • 2015: Pedalheads Sport (formerly Heroheads), our multi-sport program, was established

Over 300,000 kids have experienced our programs to date!


Innovative teaching


Passion to be active


Engaging instructors

From 2001 until now, Pedalheads expanded to over 100 bike, swim, and sport locations around Canada and the USA including Alberta, Ontario, Washington State, and California. We have over 30 full-time staff and 1700 part-time employees.

Since Claudia launched the company (formerly Atlantis Programs Inc.) over 30 years ago, she has conscientiously made her business a model of ethical and innovative workplace practices.

Our mission

Pedalheads' focus is to positively impact the health and development of all individuals, including clients, employees, and community members. Claudia's unwavering commitment to this philosophy is what makes her a true inspiration and role model.


Because of Pedalheads' quick growth spurts, we ended up with plenty of programs with different names in lots of regions, which caused some brand confusion. Growth spurts can be challenging! After a lot of planning and hard work, we rebranded in 2018 to bring you the funky, quirky brand you see today: Pedalheads Bike, Swim, and Sport.

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