Giving Back

We built Pedalheads one neighborhood at a time, so community involvement is an important part of who we are. At Pedalheads, even the kids get involved with giving back. We believe that if everybody helps, everybody benefits.



Active and effective camps that lay the foundation for a lifetime of biking.



Innovative camps that help kids quickly shift from training wheels to two wheels.



Positive camps that teach kids the skills to ride on their own.

The Big Event - we raised $53,000!

Special Day of Helping and Giving (twice per summer)

For the first 15 minutes of camp, everyone on-site does a little something for their neighborhoods. Some of the activities chosen have been garbage pick-up, thank-you murals, bake sales, trail clean-up, and plant watering. We invite families to make a charitable donation at camp or online, and then we match the amount donated. Our grand total last year was $53,000. We distributed that money to nine amazing neighborhood houses and family centers in our communities and used some of the money for our bike giveaways. In 2018, over 9,000 kids at 100 Pedalheads sites participated in the event.

Bike Giveaways and Bursaries

Pedalheads buys bikes, helmets, and locks for groups of kids in need, identified by our community partners. The Pedalheads team sets up camp and spends a day teaching the kids to safely ride their new bikes. In 2018, we gave away 120 bike packages to kids in Seattle, Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Several camp bursaries are available to those who would like to attend Pedalheads at any site but don't have the financial resources.

Community and Team Events

Pedalheads participates in and donates to events in our communities. Our full-time staff members are entitled to two days of paid time to do volunteer work of their choice. Teams in different regions also sponsor families at Christmas and participate in charitable community events every year.

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