In 2020 we opened over 95% of our camp locations and are planning for 100% in 2021! That is over 140 different camp locations across North America.

We are also pleased to share that, through the hard work and diligence of our staff and the cooperation of all of our campers and parents, our camp safety precautions resulted in zero reported transmissions of the Covid-19 virus at any of our 130+ locations.

For 2021 we will continue our established and proven COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols and will follow the guidance of official public health agencies in the jurisdictions that we operate.

Here are some key COVID-19 related considerations for 2021 camps:

Health & Safety Protocols

As there are different requirements across North America, we will follow official regional health guidance for each of the jurisdictions we operate in. Most Health Orders are issued at the State and Provincial level and accordingly we will use those as our primary source of information and direction.

Our COVID-19 FAQ’s have moved onto our main FAQ page located here.

Mask Policy

We closely monitor national and regional health organizations, municipal bylaws, employment statutes and feedback from our customers. Our policies and protocols will never be less than what is required by law, and often they will exceed the minimum.

For Staff

We recognize that there are varying mask orders and recommendations across the jurisdictions in which we operate. To maintain consistency and certainty for camp participants, Pedalheads is following similar practices adopted by other organizations in the children's camp industry in North America. Accordingly, all staff will be required to wear masks at camp while outdoors and indoors at ALL Pedalheads locations. This policy applies regardless of vaccination status and is subject to change at any time.

* Masks not required during breaks when eating or drinking and during road/trail rides.

For Campers

Masks are recommended (but not mandatory) for campers at all Pedalheads locations while outdoors. Mask usage is at the discretion of parents. This is consistent with the direction provided by all levels of government in Canada and the US for children participating in outdoor activities.

While indoors, some jurisdictions still have mandatory mask usage orders. Please see the table below for current guidelines

Last updated Aug 01


Note: if not required, Pedalheads still recommends ALL campers wear a mask while outdoors.


Note: if not required, Pedalheads still recommends ALL campers wear a mask while indoors.

BC Recommended Recommended
AB Recommended Required (age 9+)
ON Recommended Required (age 6+)
QC Recommended Recommended
WA Recommended Required (age 5+)
OR Recommended Required (Age 5+)
CO Recommended Required (age 11+)
IL Recommended Required (all ages)
CA Recommended Required (all ages)
MA Recommended Required (age 6+)
DC Recommended Required (all ages)

Camp Cancelations

If we have to cancel a camp for any COVID-19 related issue (e.g. not being able to secure a camp location), customers will be eligible for a no-hassle 100% refund or credit on account. This only applies when Pedalheads cancels a camp; if you decide you want to cancel, but the camp is still running, the administration fee will be applied to any refund requests.

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